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Fountain Health

Your backyard should be an oasis and your water fountain is the center of that paradise but does it have everything it needs to look its best? Could it be a little easier to take care of? We are here to help.

Complimentary Fountain Inspection & Report

We understand owning a fountain can seem a little daunting, and even the most experienced water gardener or fountain owner will have questions about their water feature and its upkeep. Whether you are a new client or a seasoned friend of Memphis Water Gardens we are now offering comprehensive fountain and water garden inspections complete with a detailed report and recommended action steps at no charge! 

If you are a new home owner and inherited an existing fountain there is no need to wonder or be scared of your backyard. We would love to schedule a time to review your water feature together, discuss basic maintenance requirements, as well as any improvements that might help improve the function and appeal of your new fountain. 

Maybe you have a water feature installed by Memphis Water Gardens and you want to add underwater lights, upgrade the surrounding landscape, or talk about a maintenance membership. Let's set a time to review your fountain and see how we can make your backyard even more enjoyable.

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