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Bubbling Boulders and Urns

Mongolian Basalt Columns_02.jpg

During Spring, Summer, and Fall these features require very little maintenance besides keeping them filled with water and blowing off the occasional debris that falls on the pondless reservoir. An automated refill line can even further reduce the time required to keep it looking great. 

Some owners like to keep their decorative features clean and tidy; others prefer the natural look of moss and algae growing on the rocks. If you prefer your's clean and free of algae an Automatic Dosing System from Aquascape Inc. will help. It uses a specific formula of beneficial bacterias to reduce the presence of algae and breakdown any organic matter that settles to the bottom of your pondless reservoir.

During Winter in Zone 7b you can let your feature and submersible pump continue running. However, be mindful of extended periods of extreme cold that could cause the water to freeze  and starve the pump of its water supply. If you notice large amounts of ice forming simply unplug your pump until things thaw.

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