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20' x 25' EcoSystem Pond

Starting Price


Project Duration

5 - 7 days

Minimum Space Requirement

30' x 40' area

About this Water Feature

The Large EcoSystem Pond is a pond-lover's dream with ample room for many large koi, large specimen boulders, and aquatic plants such as lilies and lotus. The sights and sounds of spectacular waterfalls are made possible by the large pumps and increased filtration capacity included in this side Pond.

The Large EcoSystem Pond 20' x 25' x 24" deep includes a skimmer and BioFalls® filter to provide effective mechanical and biological filtration. Your choice of either an Aquascape Smart Control App capable AquaSurge Adjustable Flow pond pump, SLD pump or our solids-handling pond pump. An LED lighting package is included to bring your pond to life at night. An Automatic Dosing System with Maintain for Ponds water treatment is included to automatically add water treatments to the pond, keeping water conditions clean and clear.

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