Whether its a simple fountain cleaning, a pump change, or a new pond design we are here to make your outdoor life easy and your outdoor spaces beautiful!


Below is a menu of the services we offer.


Our most requested service. Your water feature is beautiful, clean, and running when we leave.

When your pump goes out it can't wait. Doing it right with the best equipment helps your fountain look its best!

Do it right and you'll love your fountain for years to come. Miss it and you will curse the day you bought a fountain.

Monthly and Seasonal:

Prescheduled maintenance lets you enjoy your fountain with zero hassle. 

Whether you need a new pond or to reimagine an existing feature, we'll do the dirty work for you.

Let's get together and design a new feature, figure out your old fountain, or develop a maintenance plan for the future.

Failure to prepare your feature can spell doom in winter. We can also make sure you're ready for Spring!

Treasured their beauty, these features can also help reduce algae growth and improve overall fish health.

What your neighbors are saying


"I hated the pond when we

bought the house; now, I love it!"

Pond was stagnant and inoperable when the service team initially arrived on site.

 ~ Jay

"He is a very dedicated, hardworking

professional. I highly recommend his company

and integrity"

~ Lorie

"My pond went from overgrown and filled with muck to clear and gorgeous...[they] did an amazing job cleaning it and supplying me with the resources to maintain! Definitely worth the investment. Every morning it’s feels like I have walked out to my own private oasis."

~ Stephanie


"It looks like you picked it up out of the woods and dropped it in my backyard. It looks so natural!"

~ Bessie