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We want a water feature but aren't sure which one or where to put it?

At Memphis Water Gardens, we want to make owning a fountain or water feature fun and enjoyable for you. We are here to help in any way we can and we will be honest if you ask. We will come to you, hear listen to your needs, evaluate your landscape and make our recommendation. $125


koi pond or water feature

Nothing has a greater impact on the beauty and serenity of a landscape than a custom water feature teeming with colorful koi fish. Do it wrong and you will curse the day you decided to have a pond. We can provide the best equipment available and expert installation to ensure you'll enjoy peaceful afternoons relaxing to the sights of graceful fish and the sound of a babbling brook for many years to come! We also offer comprehensive cleaning, equipment changes, and trouble-shooting. Schedule an appointment today with our Certified Aquascape Contractors to get your water feature back to beautiful.


scheduled maintenance

Life is busy so let us help take care of your water feature for you with a Monthly or Seasonal Maintenance Plan.


You never have to wonder what your fountain needs. It's better for your fountain, your time, and your budget! Save on water treatments, fountain covers, pumps, summer/winter prep, and more when you  choose a maintenance plan.

Contact us today to setup a plan that meets your needs.


floating lake fountains

Floating pond fountains - also called "Floating Aerators" - are beautiful day and night but they also help keep your pond and it's fish healthy.

Bottom Aeration is another critical element for maintaining a healthy earthen lake. 


Oxygenated water is the best defense against a stagnant, stinky, slime-filled pond. We can help you select the perfect equipment for your lake, and work with your (or our) electrician to provide the necessary power. Contact us today to make your lake and fish the healthiest they can be.


General Maintenance

Don't let your guests see a nasty fountain!

When the unexpected happens we are here to help. We have the tools and experience to make sure your water feature looks its best year-round. Common issues include: dirty fountain/pond, dead pump, bad lighting, un-level fountain, crimped hose, or a loss of water. Services generally start at $145.



Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

This is never more true than in the installation of a water feature. We have the experience, tools, and knowledge to do it right - the first time. So don't risk damaging your investment with untrained or ill-equipped installers. Whether you purchase your fountain from us or someone else we are happy to deliver  and install it. Contact us today for a customized installation quote.


summer/winter preparation

Freezing temperatures have destroyed many a water-filled fountain but it isn't just fountains that should be winterized - koi ponds need special care going into winter as well. After the last freeze we will check your fountain for "level", store the cover, replace putty seals, clean out debris, connect the pump and leave it running beautifully. Ponds need special care too. Before summer temperatures arrive we gently clean the rocks, clean filters, wash the gravel bed, and load it with beneficial bacteria.


Pump change

A water feature is only as good as its pump, so we stock a complete lineup of quality pumps for both backyard ponds and statuary fountains.


When that cheap pump you bought at the hardware store quits working one week after the warranty expires let us install our trustworthy pumps made by Aquascape Inc, Little Giant, or Oase. With warranties up to 5 years, you can relax knowing your fountain is in good hands! From table-top to gushing waterfall we are prepared to handle them all.

koi pond
Floating Aerator
Scheduled Maintenance
Pump Change
General Maintenance


Whether its a simple fountain cleaning, an in-depth pump change, or a new

koi pond we are here to make outdoor living easy and your landscape beautiful!

Below is a full description of the services we offer.

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